Turn Back Time, Into The Darkness

A few days ago, I had another dream of dreams within dreams. I had a dream about a mad physician, of me facing a wall, an old man showering in front of a mirror, the clock running backwards, and everything turning dark.

In the first dream, we were having our annual physical exam and I was standing in a line with other colleagues when I overheard the physician angrily giving a sermon to the person he was checking. It didn’t make any sense but I thought, “Good thing I had an appointment with the dentist before this.” And then I woke up.

In the second dream, I woke up from the long line for the physical exam and found myself driving a car. I drove the car into what seems to be an industrial warehouse and parked between a big truck and a wall. To my left is the truck, to my right is the wall, and to the front is another wall. I got out of the car and observed the wall in front of me. And then I woke up.

In the third dream, I woke up from observing a wall in front of me. Now, I am watching an old man shower in front of a mirror. He has the typical Santa-like body. Big belly, the top of his head is balding but he has a few graying and white hairs in the sides, and he has a beard with the same color combination as his hair. He was shampooing his hair from the sides to the top. But there is no water, no shampoo, not even a shower head. He stopped for a while and walked backwards to the right of my view and up to the stairs. As he passed, I heard a clock ticking. I saw a wall clock that looks like some lucky cat Chinese decoration. Its hands were moving backwards. And it made sense to me that time that “Oh, so that’s why he’s moving backwards.” And then I woke up.

In the fourth dream, I woke up from seeing the cat-like clock, of time moving backwards. This time I found myself lying on the sofa where I really fell asleep on that time. I stood up, as if waking up, and turned the lights on. The lights didn’t turn on and when I looked around, all the rooms were dark. I walked towards the balcony to see the other buildings and found residential buildings that weren’t there before. The doors and windows were dark when it was still a pretty bright afternoon. I’m guessing the bright orange sky you get just before sunset. And then I woke up.

In the fifth dream, I found myself lying on the sofa again. I grabbed my phone and I actually felt I was holding it. Thinking that I was awake, I looked at my phone and it wasn’t there. I was holding something rectangular that wasn’t there.

In the sixth dream, I found myself lying on the sofa again. This time, I am very unsure if I had really woken up. I’m very aware that I’m dreaming but I couldn’t wake up. I was in another sleep paralysis. I clenched my fists and did everything I can to wake up. When I finally did, it took me a while to believe that I wasn’t dreaming anymore. I put on clothes and went outside.

I like to think that this is my subconscious telling me something but I am more likely to believe that these dreams are combinations of things I’ve seen before. I try not to make much sense about it but wouldn’t it be cool if it did mean something?

Turn Back Time, Into The Darkness

3 thoughts on “Turn Back Time, Into The Darkness

  1. I am not an interpreter of dreams. But I am in love with the dreaming world and take time to analyze, learn, and grow from my own dreams. I don’t think anyone else can accurately interpret someone else’s dreams. At least not without knowing that person well and knowing every detail of the dream. But maybe someone else can give an interesting suggestion that might lead to other ideas previously unconsidered. I offer what comes to my mind when I read your dream:

    Backed yourself into a corner, feeling trapped (the car)
    something in the/your past (clock moving backwards)
    something dark in the past? Or maybe your version/vision of the past event is unclear. Is masked. Or lacks all the facts. Or maybe this thing in this past is creating a darkness in you (lights out in buildings)
    Maybe it’s something you are still holding on to, but it’s gone now (the phone). You can let go now
    And bringing it back to the physical exam, Maybe letting go is your gateway to health?

    Thanks for sharing your dream


    1. Thank you. I do have an idea what it could mean but somehow I held back when I was about to write it because I thought, “Nah, maybe it’s nothing.” I do feel trapped in the past. In my case, it is the past (or the people in it) that would not let go of me. I have not visited my family and avoided calls/messages from my abusive mother. My time with them was the darkest years of my life and every time I receive a message from them, it feels like a nightmare pulling me back and disrupting my peace. I have had many dreams about them. Nightmares that I am still there.

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      1. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your family.

        The last part in your dream where you’re holding the phone, but there’s nothing there does seem to have a strong message to me, whatever that message may be. Especially now when you mention calls and messages from your family upsetting you.

        Good luck with this


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