The Order of Disorder

If we are in a computer simulation, a video game more so, I imagine having one base reality for each person. Each base reality then branches off to multiple worlds or universes. In all my realities, I’m the hero or the main character and every one else are non-playing characters (NPC). In all your realities, you are the hero and everyone else including me are NPCs. This means that whatever you do, whatever your values or morals, you will always be the good one because everything from your perspective is all that matters.

Repeat this process to every other person in the world and you get the answer to the question “Why is there so much disorder in the world?” Think about all the hunger, the huge gap between the poor and the wealthy, the terrorist attacks, and all that’s ugly in the world. They are all rooted from person(s) who genuinely believe that they deserve a piece of the world or just about everything. From their perspective, they are the hero and everyone else are insignificant. For them, there are villains, allies or members of their party, and civilians (NPCs). For them, civilians are the so-called “non-playing characters” and they don’t serve a purpose on the planet. The world is a battle field where only the heroes and the villains exist.

Imagine how easy it would be if we all agreed on what is good and what is evil. But that’s one of the many things we can only hope for. Such peace and order do not play by the rules of the universe. For every fallen villain, a new one rises, stronger than its predecessors. And once all villains are erased, the universe will surely make its way to create chaos and disorder – calamities, famine, ice age, and all sort of collisions that result to extinction. Imagine the billions of years of hard work to get to where we are and once we finally get close to having order, we are wiped off the face of the planet just to start all over again. The only order that the universe follows is disorder. The magic word is “entropy”.

The Order of Disorder

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