We’re all video game characters


I ordered food from a bakery that I’ve always wanted to try. Le Farmer sandwich, hot Macchiato, Mango smoothie, Pain Au Chocolat, and two Oreo cheesecake (I accidentally bought two). I spent quite a lot and ordered food just enough to feed me until tomorrow. Again, I applied a pencil effect to the picture. I remember the comics and animations during my childhood in the 90’s just like Neo’s scenes from Animatrix. Everything is sketchy and unorganized in such an artistic way that the seemingly random movements of the shadows and lines give life to the animation.

Aside from the sunset and all other things that make me feel like reality is false, food has a certain effect on me too. Food, especially pastry, looks a lot like video game sprites to me. It has always fascinated me how food works in video games. It seems all too easy. You eat certain types of food to increase your HP or MP and go on with your life or quests. Food in video games has always looked better than in real life and their immediate effects makes me love them even more.

As much as I love food, food has always disappointed me in some ways. Coffee, energy drinks, etc. I always imagined that if I was in video game, these would be my potions. I would take one of these and I’ll be ready to go on and kill some monsters. In real life, I do office work and not a single kind of food or beverage gives me the energy or motivation to go on. I imagine that if I was dying inside, I would simply take some potion and my HP will go up.

Bakery of Wheaton & Pita

This is a photo I downloaded from the Zelda Wikia website. It’s a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap. The pastries look so delicious and every time I walk into the bakery, the guy in the right is always making new ones. Aside from adventure titles, I have quite the addiction in farm games that has cooking in it (i.e. Harvest Moon).

Anything that resembles life but not quite the “real” life is appealing to me. I spent most of my childhood in video games but I remember postponing going to College for a year to think about my course and spending most of that year playing video games. It is safe to say that I’ve been trying to escape this so-called “reality” ever since I was a kid. The habit slowly faded away when I started working but I wasn’t too happy for several years now. I feel like I’m depriving myself of the escape from reality and I can’t help but be anxious all the time.

Despite all the evil that people associate with video game addiction, I must say that my exposure to video games, specifically the simulations, role-playing, and adventure ones served more of a training or preparation for real life. Farming games that includes cooking helped me become more resourceful and make something out of what I already have. I sometimes take a recipe from a video game and cook it in real life. It makes me feel like I’m actually living the reality in the game by eating what my character eats. Adventure titles gave me a perspective that every hurdle in life is a quest that I need to finish in order to level up, improve, or acquire a valuable item. Forging weapons and armors inspired me to create things from scratch in real life.

I try to tell myself that my previous video game addiction is what made me think that our reality is not real but the more I live, the more I am convinced that we are all characters in a video game.

We’re all video game characters

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