Sunset Reset


I took this picture today just before 6PM. As I write this, I can no longer see the sun but it’s not entirely dark, a hint of light still remains. I have this wild guess that every time the sun sets, our reality resets. It’s not something I truly believe in but it’s good to imagine that everything we do from the sunrise until the sunset is erased and we are fed with brand new memories in the evening.

I’d like to think that it’s an experimental thing like an author trying to shape a character. What would the character do if this happened instead? How would his or her completely different memories affect the way he or she would act afterwards? It doesn’t make sense to make sense of everything that happens in the universe including the sun setting but giving meaning to things gives us purpose.

No matter how wild the imagination and how far off it is from reality, it gives us a false but comforting thought that we understand our world. That this world is familiar and we belong here. So we make our own reality, at least that’s what we say, but are we really? Is this really a familiar world or perhaps we are injected some sort of drug that gives us the feeling of familiarization? Is our imagination being used against us?

After reading what I just typed, I thought “Wow, conspiracy theories” and I judged myself there for a moment. But these are just parts of my imagination that should not be mistaken for an attempt to broadcast a truth that I have no proof of. Every day, I wish for a glitch that one day I will watch the sunset and it will blur or display some sort of visuals old televisions make when there’s no signal. But I never did, it’s so perfect that I’m so close to accepting it as a reality.

Perhaps we see these glitches sometimes but maybe we are made to forget everything we discover.

Sunset Reset

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