This is a picture of my cup of coffee, stirred with a transparent plastic spoon. I took plenty of photos in my unit and applied a pencil/sketch effect. It gives me a level of comfort seeing my world the way I’ve always seen it or liked it to be. In my head, everything is a sketch. Someone else drew it and it’s a priceless piece of art. I always wanted to build my own world. When I was younger, I wanted to be an architect. I wanted to sketch a blueprint of the world I dream of and make it a reality.


But I remember being so in love with comic books since I was in grade school too. I used to write stories and draw the characters. When I look at this picture, it makes me feel like I’m inside a comic book. I’m one of the characters and an artist is drawing my surroundings. I imagine, I may be a student in this story and this is my dorm or apartment. Perhaps, I’m a lazy teenager who only has a glass of water and the television for breakfast.


Maybe in another comic book panel, my character is starving and decides to cook. She begins by opening the cabinet right above the range hood. What does she find? Pancake mixes, cereals, coffee, and almonds. A few spices here and there. She begins to wonder what she should eat.


Maybe she boils some water in the pot to make soup.


Or maybe she decides to eat snacks instead. The biscuits, cookies, fudge cake bar, and waffles on top of the refrigerator catch her attention.


Being the messy teenager that she is, she begins to eat with her one foot on the side table where her laptop is. She eats while sitting on the sofa bed instead of the chair and the table right in front of her.


She may have decided to read her favorite comic books while she eats.


Or admire her collection of McDonald toy freebies.


She finishes her snacks with her coffee and places the cup beside the sink. The Jim Beam Bourbon bottle beside the cutting board fools a handful of guests she had into thinking it is bourbon. The truth is, she finished that off a long time ago and used the bottle as a container for cooking oil.


She feels sleepy after eating and moves on to the bedroom. The curtains covering the windows and the door to the balcony were so thin that it’s just perfect for her. The amount of natural sunlight passes through the grids of the curtain. Her cozy soft blanket scattered all over the bed. She crawls into her bed, forgets about the supposed reality, and lie in her sketchy world.


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